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Welcome to Form b4 Fitness Coaching (Fb4F) Services

Fb4F, the coaching services side of Vancouver’s Distance Runwear, is dedicated to making you into the most efficient runner you can be. Most runners spend very little, if any, time working on their Running Economy; that is, efficiency, gait cycle, posture, balance, and other nuanced aspects of the art of running. Dave Cressman is the first Certified Road Running Instructor in Canada and a Form Coach.

About Coach Dave

Dave has been an active long distance runner since the age of 11 and has participated in some amazing events locally and around the world including the famous Marathon des Sables.

His interest in running footwear came while running at college. The personal discovery that less shoe was indeed better led to his 1989 OCAA cross country title. He is now actively promoting natural running as a tool to better running economy. Dave’s expertise and experience makes him a popular go-to guy for all things relating to natural footwear, natural running, distance and ultra-distance running and more.

Dave is the first Athletics Canada Certified Road Running Instructor in Canada as well as a 3 time BC Masters Provincial Champion on the track.

Fb4F is focused on helping you recognize your own, most efficient, natural gait through a number of assessments. We have a plan for you.






Contact Coach Dave with any questions or to inquire about scheduling a session.

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