Mike B – Vancouver

Having set a goal of running a 40 minute 10k before I turned forty, I found myself stuck at 43 – 44 minutes with only 6 months until I turned the big 4-0.  It was time to get serious!  That is when I connected with Dave at Form B4 Fitness.  Over the course of the next 6 months, with Dave’s expert guidance I was able to improve my form and running efficiency with the end result being a 39:59 10km one day before my fortieth birthday.  I could not have achieved this result without Dave’s patient advice, and excellent customized training program.  I have since used Dave’s advice and form coaching to go on to successfully complete my first three ultra-marathons last year, with my first 100k race on the horizon.   I would highly recommend the Form B4 Fitness coaching services for anyone looking to take their running to the next level.  

Ally T – Vancouver

I trained with Dave’s track club (the Distance Collective) and marathon training group in preparation for the 2015 Boston Marathon. My training week was structured around the Distance Collective workouts on Tuesdays and the marathon training group workouts on Thursdays, and Dave additionally gave me advice on how to structure my long runs and my pre-race taper. Under this program, I took over 5 minutes off my marathon time (from 3:09:24 to 3:03:38).  More importantly, Dave always made sure that our training sessions were fun and he switched up the workouts regularly so we never got bored.

I also took part in Dave’s Foundation Plan coaching program, where he analyzed my running form and gave me advice on how to become a more efficient runner. I still keep in mind Dave’s tips about proper posture, lengthening my stride and getting my knees up high during hard training efforts and races.